MiRA is the only specialized show focusing on Maintenance, Industrial Robotics, and Automation. This major show will be held at NICE Pattaya, Convention & Exhibition Center from 4-6 September 2024. The show will be packed with showcases of technologies and solutions from some of the world's leading brands. MiRA is running in conjunction with SUBCON THAILAND: THE EAST, the only major industrial part sourcing event in the EEC supported by the BOI.

Why MiRA?

Meet smart technology on industrial maintenance and robotics & automation from Cimatron, CROBOTP, G' TEK, Gocator, HASS, MiR, Mitsubishi, PTSC, PUMA, Radisys, TBTS, TM Robot, TRUE, ZEBRA.

Center for Thai and Japanese SI service providers (System Integrator) and Thai - German Pavilion Automation, robotics and maintenance

Co-located major event, SUBCON THAILAND: THE EAST organized by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI). The first and only show in the EEC region.

More than 20 conferences and seminars with automation and maintenance technology demonstration zones. Ideal platform from more than 30 government and private agencies.

Along with FBC ASEAN, a business matching event in the manufacturing industry including more than 30 Japanese entrepreneurs.


SUBCON THAILAND: THE EAST - The show is co-organized by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), Informa Markets, and the Thai Subcontracting Promotions Association, co-located with MiRA. This is an important platform for industrial part makers.

The EEC is a New Engine of Economic Growth to drive the country's competitiveness. The EEC project is envisioned as Southeast Asia's hub for the new growth industries of the future, whilst providing an environment supportive of innovation and the manufacture of new products for the future.

The EEC presents an outstanding business platform for subcontractors and part makers. The BOI is taking a proactive approach to creating multiple business opportunities for subcontractors and part makers to capitalize on the growth of the EEC by organizing SUBCON THAILAND: THE EAST. The show will provide industrial part makers with direct access to major industrial part buyers in the EEC.

In-Conjunction with

The FBC ASEAN - Where the Japanese entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry will showcase technologies, raw materials & parts including business matching.

The event has been attended by Japanese companies in Thailand and around ASEAN from the industrial sectors: Metal products, automobile/railway and tail system, steel industry, general manufacturing companies such as communication equipment, electronic parts/devices, precision machinery, chemical industry, plastic/rubber products, etc.

Some of Leading Brand & Exhibitors (from previous edition)

Meet Automation, Robotics and Maintenance Technology and Innovation for Manufacturing Industry and Explore Future Trends at Previous Edition

Highlight Conferences & Seminars (from previous edition)

Industry's Leaders Voice and Show Highlights


Why EEC?

EEC Presents an Outstanding Opportunity to Grow Business!

The economic recovery of Thailand will be fueled in large part by investment in the targeted S-curve and the new S-Curve industries within the country's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) - the government's flagship project aiming to transform the Thai economy by keeping pace with technological changes, embracing future technologies, and moving towards Industry 4.0. Meanwhile, transport and digital infrastructure are being upgraded in Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong, to boost investment and foster sustainable economic growth. The latest EEC investment plan for the period 2022-2026 is now standing at a combined investment value of 2.2 trillion baht, with a focus on innovations and advanced technologies.

For many years, Thailand achieved the most installations of industrial robots in ASEAN and as the second-largest Automation & Robotic market in the region after Singapore. The advent of smart factories - the intersection of smart devices, industrial robotics, data centers, cloud services, 5G, AI, IoT, remote sensors & controllers and advanced machinery - is central to transform the industrial sector into a smart engine of development by using digital manufacturing that is driving industry 4.0 and is taking place in Thailand, especially in the EEC.

Today's rising reliance on the high-speed 5G connection, AI applications, and IOT provides manufacturing with high accuracy and minimal error. With these technologies being used in major factories across the EEC, smart solutions for predictive maintenance are also critical in order to minimize or prevent the breakdown of production equipment. An unscheduled major repair on a machine could shut down an entire production line and the consequences can be costly. Predictive analysis and data collection with machine learning and AI can reduce expensive downtime and maintenance while improving the overall effectiveness of the machines and equipment.

With these industrial developments in the EEC, MiRA 2023 will present excellent business opportunities for machinery makers to connect and do business with some key decision makers from across the EEC - An opportunity not to be missed!