Show Release

BOI, Informa, Thai SUBCON, and the Thai-German Institute is ready to host a major industrial event - Maintenance, Industrial Robotics, and Automation (MIRA) and SUBCON EEC. Inviting entrepreneurs to exhibit and see showcases of the unlimited potential of the Thai industrial sector.

This is the region's first industrial technology and innovation of advanced manufacturing industry solutions for maintenance, robot technology, and show cases of industrial parts, and business matching event and the first time to be held in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The show aims to advancing Thailand as the digital industry hub and smart city center of ASEAN. The show will be held from 24-26 August at Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya.

As all sectors continued to learn and adapt to live a new normal way with COVID-19, this resulted in the recovery of the Thai industrial sector last year and the continued growth of Industry 4.0 caused a growing demand for technology and innovation for the development of Thai industry for sustainable growth. As a result, the EEC development project is a large industrial area covering 3 major economic provinces and has the potential to grow even further in Thailand. It has attracted investment in the manufacturing sector especially Industry 4.0 and the future more innovative industries. The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) office, Thai-German Institute, Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association along with government & private agencies, and Informa Markets - the world-class trade exhibition organizer - initiate and introduce the Maintenance, Industrial Robotic, and Automation Event (MIRA). This is an exhibition of technology and innovation on maintenance, automation, robotics, and solutions for the leading industrial sectors in Thailand. It will be co-organized with SUBCON EEC, the leading industrial parts exhibition in the EEC. The event will be held from 24-26 August 2022, Nong Nooch International Convention and Exhibition Center (NICE), the largest exhibition and convention center in the EEC. This is another important landmark for the eastern region which is ready to be the center in connecting the eastern provinces and showcases the latest innovation and technology ready to lead Thai industry to grow stronger as a sustainable industry of the future.

Ms. Sonklin Ploymee, Deputy Secretary General of the Board of Investment (BOI) revealed that the government recognizes the importance of accelerating the continued growth of industry and investment in Thailand. Therefore, the investment promotion policy has been adjusted to support and stimulate investment in industries and important areas especially in potential regions like the EEC. This is considered an important investment area with additional special benefits for investors. The government wants investment in new targeted industries using high technology which helps to drive the Thai economy and attract investment in new industries. This will present a great business opportunity for Thai manufacturers, entrepreneurs and also help in advancing Thailand to be the business center of the region. Essentially the SUBCON EEC event, will be the leading industrial parts exhibition in the EEC area with the goal to stimulate business linkages in procurement of industrial parts between local part makers and buyers in the EEC area. The area is a major industrial center and has gathered large manufacturers together in close proximity. It is a continuation of the success of the Subcon Thailand event which is usually held in May every year in Bangkok. The SUBCON EEC event reflects that the eastern region is the heart of the Thai industry.

At the event, in addition to exhibitions of innovations for the targeted industries; there are also business matching activities. It is expected to match over 400 pairs at the event with more than 1,200 million baht of business transacted. There will also be seminars on various interesting topics focusing on building efficiency, production, and integrated technologies. SUBCON EEC will be organized in conjunction with the Maintenance, Industrial Robotic, and Automation Event (MIRA) for the first time from August 24-26. “This event will highlight the EEC and the Eastern region's potential as a hub for the S-Curve and New S-Curve industry. It will help entrepreneurs to further develop their production potential into new industries and facilitate business matching opportunities for entrepreneurs both in and outside the EEC and the Eastern region,” said the BOI Deputy Secretary-General.

Mr. Sanchai Numboonnam, General Manager of Informa Markets Thailand, said that Informa, the world's leading trade fair organizer, is ready to support the policy of equal distribution of growth and development and penetrate the regional market by organizing Maintenance, Industrial Robotics, and Automation (MIRA) and SUBCON EEC for the first time. The Eastern region and the EEC are one of the regions that have the potential to help transform Thailand's economy and it is an important project of the government that aims to support the Thai economy in advancing production technology and moving towards Industry 4.0. Logistic and digital infrastructure are also being upgraded in the EEC's three provinces, Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong, to attract investment and promote sustainable economic growth. The technology and innovation exhibition on maintenance, automation, robotics, and solutions for the leading industrial sector in Thailand (the largest event in the EEC) will be occupied with meetings and exhibitions. It will be the hub of linking the provinces in the eastern region. With a usable area of 15,500 square meters, it will be another important event in the region as the Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB has supported the event to promote the growth of Thai industry. It also assists the EEC in being one of the targeted areas that are being watched by the international community for potential investment and business operations. This event also promotes the distribution of income and prosperity to the community as well as showing the readiness of a regional center as a MICE City to drive the Thai economy forward.

"In addition to being a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and visitors to the event, it is also an opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry and related industries to visit the exhibition to meet and talk, do business with real investors directly, to build relationships, build alliances and create opportunities for business expansion. This will help self-development to fight off the competition without borders and without having to travel far. We will bring everything, machines, technology and innovation for industrial maintenance, robot, automation systems and solutions, along with related machinery for production lines in one convenient location." said Mr. Sanchai.

Mr. Somchai Jakarin, Director, Thai-German Institute; one of the agencies that support this event, states, "The institute sees it as a good opportunity to increase the potential of the Thai industrial sector to keep pace with advanced technology and innovation. The institute will organize seminars to enhance entrepreneurs' knowledge about industrial maintenance technology and automation & robotics. The aim is to help entrepreneurs to reduce costs, increase production potential, share knowledge, transfer the latest technology related to production on industrial robotics, automation systems and maintenance solutions in order to drive the Thai industrial sector to grow sustainably and also increase business opportunities for the industrial sector. MIRA and SUBCON EEC will be a major and important event that will help to provide the precise answer for the EEC's development implementing maximum efficiency".

Mr. Kiattisak Chirakajornwong, President of the Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association, stated "the association has encouraged the members of the association to establish clusters in 5 target industries, such as the medical device industry cluster, aviation industry cluster, defense Industry cluster, rail system cluster, and automation cluster. This is to prepare to support the production of parts in the targeted industries and has been ongoing since 2017. It is being driven by a new group of entrepreneurs with knowledge of the targeted industries and committed to uplifting the Thai parts manufacturing industry. The aim is for them to adapt and develop their own potential for business opportunities toward the S-Curve industry. SUBCON EEC is therefore an opportunity and an important platform for Thai entrepreneurs to clearly demonstrate their production potential in the targeted industries".

Informa Markets, along with partners in both the public and private sector are ready to join hands to organize Maintenance, Industrial Robotic, and Automation Event (MIRA) – the technology and innovation exhibition on maintenance, automation systems & robotics, and solutions for leading industrial sectors in Thailand; together with, SUBCON EEC, the leading industrial parts exhibition in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). There will be important seminars that provide knowledge and also networking opportunities. We are paying great attention and have given importance to measures to control the spread of COVID-19 with measures and screening procedures in accordance with the guidelines of Informa AllSecure, which is the world-class standard for ensuring safety and hygiene from Informa.

This is to ensure everyone experiences the event as hygienic, productive and smooth. The exhibition will cover an area of over 5,000 square meters which brings together more than 250 exhibitors of advanced machinery and state-of-the-art technology from leading brands. It is expected to attract over 6,000 qualified buyers from all over the EEC and nearby areas. The organizer is ready to open for entrepreneurs to participate in the event. We are confident that this event will be substantially worthwhile for all who attend. It is also the first time that entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase their technology and innovation in order to make the world aware of the potential of the Thai industrial sector.

Maintenance, Industrial Robotics, and Automation Event (MIRA) and SUBCON EEC are being held for the first time in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The event will present business networking opportunities and business linkage with decision-makers from the public and private sectors and business matching with quality parts manufacturers. There will be seminars given by experts and leading gurus from overseas. The event will be held from Wednesday to Friday, 24-26 August 2022 at the Nong Nooch International Convention and Exhibition Center (NICE). For updated information visit